Mid-Week Motivation: All We Do Is WIN

This week my favorite football team lost against their opponents.  I was disappointed, but I’m sure the other team and their fans were ecstatic!  It’s something how a disappointment for one can bring such gratification to another.  But, we know there are always winners and losers in games.  I’m just glad that life is different.  REAL LIFE, not the actual game called LIFE.  We may have seasons, days or even moments throughout our lives where we feel like we have lost it all, but we always win with God on our side.  When we are on the same team as God, we are always victorious.  Actually, the game is rigged.  We always have the advantage, even when you don’t see it.  We are always favored.  Our only opponent is Satan and he was defeated along time ago.  Our perceived disappointments are strength builders for us and God’s strategy to show His power to others on the sidelines trying to figure out what team to join.  Others need to see what a winning team really looks like.

Everyday you are being strengthen and every day you win!  Don’t ever lose sight of whose team you are on.  God is the coach, Jesus is your team mate and the Holy Spirit is the power that enables you to play your position – to execute the “play or move” in order to win the game.  Be encourage today and remember you ALWAYS WIN with God! (Deuteronomy 20:4)


Mid-Week Motivation: All Things Are Possible

This week the message is simple.  “With God ALL things are possible.” This is one scripture that is often quoted but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, God blesses, strengthens and enables us to receive and see the impossible.  But, that’s not the intent of this scripture.  God desires us to live for him.  To do His will, follow His way and live according to His Word. No one can do this on their own.

In Matthew 19:16-22, Jesus is talking to the rich young ruler and then to his Disciples about eternal life. (Read scripture – try the Message Bible version) and how difficult it is for those who are rich (who have everything – money, possessions, good job, etc.) to give up and give in to Jesus.

It’s hard to let go and let God have full control of all aspects of your life when you think you really have control or have it “going on”.  Your ability to really, really trust God is challenged.  We say we trust him, but do we act like we trust him?  In other words, when He calls you to give up that job or that relationship in order to pursue him – will you do it?  What’s most important?  Just wanted to remind you that only God can do the impossible.  The impossible includes giving you the power to fully live for Christ when you got it all together and when you don’t have it all together!  God does the impossible.  So, let Him do it.


Mid-Week Motivation: Holding On To The Beam

This week we had a major scare.  My husband fell through the garage ceiling (attic).  It was only God’s grace that he didn’t break any bones.  He has some swelling, bruises and scratches, but he’s doing OK.  He was able to get up from the fall and make it to the doctors.  He says his ability to hold on to the beam in the ceiling allowed him to brace himself for the fall.  This minimized his injuries and allowed him to get back up.  Think about that for minute 🤔.  “Holding on to the beam” is what minimize his injuries and allowed him to get back up. This reminded me of God.

A beam is a sturdy piece of timber or metal or a ray of light.  When we are slipping, falling or walking in darkness and holding on to God, we can also brace ourselves and get back up.  God’s hands are sturdy enough to hold us!  Regardless of how we fall or how far we fall.  It’s when we let go of God that we experience greater pain and suffering.  It’s the “holding on” to God that makes the difference.  My husband’s natural response in the situation was to grab a hold of that beam.  Our natural response when we are slipping or falling in life should be to grab hold on to Jesus!  He’s our beam!  Our sturdy support!  Our ray of light!  Regardless of whether you are sitting high on the hill (the best times of your life) or if you are on sinking ground (the low points in your life), grab a hold of your beam!  Even if you have to deal with some swelling, bruises or scratches as result of the injuries you may sustain due to the slipping or falling, you will be fine.  You will get up!  You will feel different and feel better because of what you learned from the experience.  Remember Jesus is the best healer ever!  He gives complete restoration.  Hold tight to God.  Blessings! (Joshua 23:8 MSG)

Mid-Week Motivation: Respect the Light

A few weeks ago, driving from work (on my home) I got a red-light ticket.  Yes, I’m guilty.  It wasn’t intentional.  I honestly thought I could make it through light before it turned red.  I wasn’t necessarily speeding but I was moving at a steady pace that lead me to believe I would make it through the light before it turned red.  Yes, I saw the traffic light when it turned yellow which means yield or caution.  But, ignored the yellow light.  When I got the ticket in the mail, I wasn’t totally surprise.  I remembered the incident and especially, the yellow light.  Long story short, I must deal with consequences and pay the ticket.

This situation reminded me lot of what happens to us as we go through life.  We are just driving and striding along our way trying to get somewhere.  I’m hoping it’s to our eternal home in glory!  Our true final destination.  Along life’s journey we unintentionally run a few red lights even when we see the signs (or the light) to yield.  Take caution or slow down.  When we ignore those signs in life there are consequences.  Sometimes the consequences are severe and sometimes they are minimal, like that ticket I received.  It could have been so much worst.  What if I was in an accident or caused an accident involving other people? A police officer could have pulled me over and presented me with a ticket with a higher fine amount.  What if I didn’t make it home?  All of this because I didn’t yield to the yellow light.

The lesson to be learned:  Respect the Light.  Today, take some time to yield to the “yellow” lights in your life and take time to yield to the light of Christ.  I’m not a person that purposefully goes out and runs red lights.  It was unintentional but, in my haste, I didn’t think it was that big of deal.  Trust that your life and everything that you do is a BIG deal to God.  I’m thankful he extended grace, mercy and protection on that day and every other day of our life.  That’s enough reason to respect the LIGHT! (John 8:12)

Mid-Week Motivation: A New Season

Fall vibes are in the air!!! Yes, we are transitioning from Summer to Fall.  The long sunny days, beautiful flowers and the pretty green trees will soon come to an end.  We will be greeted with brown leaves, cooler days and nights.  Some will have a hard time adjusting to a new season and some will be thrilled to welcome a new season.  For some a new season brings forth a new start, a new beginning or a time to rid themselves of stuff they are glad to leave behind.  For others its letting go of some things they really wanted to hold on to or fear of what’s to come.  Regardless of how you feel about entering a new season, just know that you never enter it alone.
The four weather seasons occur naturally and it’s a necessary process.  In life, it’s also a necessary process.  We grow and evolve through each season of our lives.  We experience highs and lows, happiness and sadness, births and deaths, togetherness and loneliness, laughter and tears.  But, it all grows us in someway.  What I’ve come to realized is when you prepare and embrace “the season” that you are in, you begin to appreciate your growth.  You get instant encouragement and strength to get through the season because you see how you are becoming a better you.  Someone needs to know that you are still growing, so it’s ok to let go and move on.  As a matter of fact you need to in order to move forward in your God given purpose.  Today, prepare and embrace the SEASON that you are in.  Recognize you are not alone because God is still in control and with you all the way.  (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Seeker

We have all played “Hide and Seek” as a kids. It was a fun game when you were the one hiding but not so fun if you were the seeker.  No one ever wanted to get caught and be told “you’re it”.  I don’t know if it was the adrenaline we felt knowing we couldn’t be found or if it was the thrill of being chased.  In either case, hiding always seemed to be the fun part of the game.  Oddly enough, some adults still like to play hide and seek and they still like to hide.  But, as Believers the game of “hide and seek” is really different.  It’s different because there is no place to hide from God and eventually you want to get tagged “you’re it” by God.  When you are chosen by God, you realize you never want to hide from him again!  Because in his presence is the fullness of joy, freedom, strength and power.  As a matter of fact, you want to become a seeker so that you might be able to tag others and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When you are “tagging” others for God you are hoping that they want to stop hiding from God and that they embrace His marvelous and miraculous light.  Today, let’s commit to be Seekers.  Seekers of God, Seekers of obedience, Seekers of faith, Seekers of His promises, and Seekers of His love.  If we can keep our eyes on him, He will lead and carry us through anything – this week, this day and this very minute!  (Matthew  6:33).  Bless you!

Mid-Week Motivation: Keep Love Alive

Accepting God’s love and grace for me has always been difficult for me.  I think it’s because I never believed I was good enough or worthy of that kind of love.  This mind set deprived me of the deepest level of intimacy with God for many, many years.  It was during a conversation with another sister in Christ that the light bulb went off and I realized that the mere fact that I thought that God’s love was based on conditions or requirements for me to “be good enough”’or “worthy enough” was in direct conflict with the entire cross experience.  The fact that Jesus gave his life for a sinful and wicked “people/world” is why we have a right to the kingdom God.  A right to experience the fullness of Jesus’ joy and love.  It was the cross experience that reconciled us to and with God.  We could never be that perfect or do enough to receive such a gift.  A gift that mends broken hearts, clears confused minds and protects at all times.  I learned to freely and honestly accept all of God’s love and it helped me to forgive and love myself so that I could freely and honestly love others.  Keep Love Alive by loving on YOU today!  (1 John 4:19) Blessings.

Mid-Week Motivation: Joy a “Must Do”

Happy Wednesday!  How many of you keep a “to-do” list? If you do, does that list include anything that brings you pure joy?  If not, I challenge you to include something everyday that brings you joy.  One of the things that Satan tries to do is rob us of our joy.  He also tries to take our peace, hope and confidence.  But, what I’ve come to learn is he can’t take those things unless we “give in” or “give them” to him. (John 10:10).  Satan tries very hard to be a good thief, but we have the best security system – God.  He sees all.  He protects at all times.  He even protects us against what we see and what we don’t see!  Add to your “must do” list for the day – what will bring you joy and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from checking if off your list.

The joy of the Lord is our strength and in that strength, we are able to withstand the trials and tests that come our way.  That’s why it’s important to have JOY and to deliberately seek it.  Satan knows the power you have when you have the joy of the Lord in your life.  He knows that you will rest in peace when he’s throwing darts (problems) your way.  He knows that you will have the ability to see beyond his schemes and devices.  Again, the JOY of the Lord is your strength.  Be bless!


Weekly Motivation – Breathe

Breathe!  No, really take a deep breath.  Really breathe in and exhale.  Every breath we take should be a reminder of God’s gift of life given unto us.  Unfortunately, just like so many other God given gifts we received every day, minute or second, we sometimes take them for granted. Probably because we expect those gifts to keep coming or it could be because we are just to busy to think about the “small stuff”.  Long work days, to do lists, family, friends, etc., sometimes distracted us from seeing God’s miracles and/or enjoying the fullness of his presence in our lives.  Today, I’m reminded of the awesomeness of God in my life by taking a deep breath!  I’m already feeling better mentally, physically, and spiritually. He loves me and you so much that he gave his Son so that we might have life and life abundantly!  Who does that?  Nobody but God! The scripture says in Job 33:4 – “The Spirit of God made me what I am, the breath of God gave me life!” (Message Bible).  You have a life worth living!  Live your best life for God!  Your very breath is a reminder of that blessed life.  Enjoy the rest of the day and of course, your bless life.

Weekly Motivation “Pack Light”

A few years ago, Eryka Badu wrote a song call “Bag Lady” and shortly after that song was released I remember hearing Bishop Vashti Mckenzie preached a sermon call “Bag Lady”.  The focus of the song and the sermon was about all of the things women carry around as they move through life and how we shouldn’t do that.  How we need to learn to “pack light”.  The song touches all women by listing all types of bags we tend to carry and Bishop McKenzie provided the analogy of how those “bags” (or extra stuff) impact us as women in her sermon.  Basically, we were all covered in someway and we were instructed to “pack light”.  In other words, we need to learn to release those things that way us down, slow us down, hurt us, keep our arms tired and our hands full.  Those things that burden and keep us in bondage.  One of the things I thought about that wasn’t really highlighted was the stuff we pick up and put in our bags that don’t even belong to us!  The extra stuff that we either want to keep safe or keep away from others so they don’t have to carry it.  Today, empty or release your bag.  Clean the bag out!  Get rid of receipts that can’t return.  Get rid of expired coupons (maybe some friends that are no longer friends), empty lipstick tubs (things that you like but no longer have value), gum wrappers (residue from stuff that you no longer need or as long gone) that are sticking to the bottom of your handback.  Put the bag down, straighten your back and raise your arms/hands and surrender to God.  Matthew 11:30 says, “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light” and Psalm 55:22 says, “Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken”.  Be bless!