Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Contender

I’m a huge sports fan. I like just about every sport and one of my favorites is boxing. Yes, boxing! I’m not a fan of seeing people brutally beaten or injured but I like to see the will and spirit of people contending for victory. In others words, giving all that they have to ensure they finish and win. Good boxers use their hands, strength, mind, mouth, and corner coach to win the fight. Even if they lose according to the judge, they quickly ask for a rematch.

This week, month, year or decade may have been tough for you, but remember to keep fighting.  Remain a contender! Don’t give up and don’t give in. Ask for a rematch and this time use your mouth and hands as symbols of praise to hit (hopefully a knock out punch) the enemy. Use your mind to focus on things God has already promised you, like victory! Use your strength which is the power you have through God’s spirit. Also, listen to your coach in your corner – Jesus! Remember he sees what you can’t see while you are fighting. He’s instruction and guidance guarantee a win. Fight for a better day, a better relationship, a better job, a better whatever. You have it in you because you are a contender. (Jude 1:1-4).

Mid-Week Motivation: Take Time To Recover

Recovery from any type of sickness, surgery, or painful event (physical or emotional) takes time. Especially, if you have cuts, scars or wounds. Oddly enough, you can look really good on the outside but still be suffering, hurting or healing inside.

My doctor shared with me that muscles, nerves and immune systems need time to heal. Time to get stronger and healthy to ensure the best recovery. Do you know that the best recovery may not be a “full” recovery? Honestly, a full recovery is difficult.  When something has been altered or changed for the better, then “full” recovery is viewed a differently.  In some cases, you are better than your original state and in other cases your recovery might be the best possible outcome which may not be full recovery. In either case, you can recover but it takes time.

This is a busy season and many of us will spend a lot to time taking care of everybody else.  Today, I encourage everyone to take some time to take care of you. Take the time to allow your heart, mind and soul to heal, be strong, get healthy and to recover! (Psalm 147:3) Blessings!!!

Mid-Week Motivation: Are You Wanted

We had an awesome message on Sunday from an awesome speaker entitled “What in Hell do you want?”. I’m 100% sure that everyone present came to the same conclusion that there was nothing we wanted in Hell and that Heaven definitely has what we want.

Since Sunday, I’ve had Heaven on my mind. Especially, the things that I would want which is everything Heaven has to offer. A few specific things came to mind: no sickness, no worries, my mansion, the sound of Angels singing all day long and the ability to see God!

I’m glad I know what I want in Heaven, but I also thought about whether I was what Heaven wanted. Remember the question: “What in Hell do you want?” Flip it: “What in You does Heaven want?” My answers: Me and my worship unto God! You and your worship unto God. Exactly, what we were created to do!

Live the rest of the week and the rest of your life like your Heaven bound.  Your actions my lead others to the same destination one day! (Revelations 21:1-5) God bless.

Mid-Week Motivation: Pleasant Perfume

I don’t wear much perfume, but when I come across a fragrance I like I can’t help but buy it.  When I spray that mist from the bottle, the pleasant and pleasing smell makes me feel good and even gives me confidence.  Again, I not only smell good, I feel good!

For me, the perfume is a pleasant aroma and a silent way to let people know you are in the room.  God is a lot like that.  A pleasant aroma in our midst that silently speaks to us and others in a way that certainly gets attention.  When God is in our midst and His Spirit is our hearts, we look good, smell good and we display a level of confidence that is obvious to everyone we encounter. 

This week I encourage you to be that pleasant aroma and presence in room that will draw people to you!  Maybe they will say or ask, “I love that perfume. What are you wearing?” or “You are such a kind and confident person.  How do you stay so positive and upbeat?”  Be ready to share your fragrance but also be ready to share your FAITH!  (2 Corn. 2:14-16 NLT) Have a bless week!  

Mid-Week Motivation: Go Get Your “10”

My granddaughter is in Pre-K 4 and each day she is given a number that represents her behavior.  The numbers range from 1 – 10 with “10” being the BEST score.  The “10” represents a great day.  A great day is based on her being on task, actively listening to teachers, getting along with others and being courteous.  I’m pleased to say that most days she gets a “10” and when she does, she can’t wait to tell everybody.  She’s excited and full of joy!  Now, on those days when she doesn’t get a “10” she really doesn’t have a lot to say about school.  The funny thing is my 4-year granddaughter already knows how much of a disappointment it is to her and to others that care about her when she doesn’t get a “10”.  So much so, that she doesn’t even want to talk about her day. But, the truth of the matter is whether my granddaughter gets a 1 or 10, I love her the same and want to hear about her day.  I want to be able to encourage her to have a better day tomorrow.  I want her to understand why she didn’t get the “10”.  I want her to tell me what was going on or why she didn’t get a “10”.  I don’t want her to shut down and I never want her to feel like her day was so bad that she couldn’t talk about it.   

Quite frankly, I’m a lot like my granddaughter.  I try to get a “10” everyday, but sometimes I miss the mark.  Well, I miss it a lot more than my granddaughter does.  Like my granddaughter, I too shut down and try not to talk about my day.  But, you know what –  God wants to hear about your day!  He cares about what you do right and what you do wrong and He wants to encourage you to have a better day, a better tomorrow!  He never wants you or I to shut down.  He loves us unconditionally and whether we are a “10” or “-10”, he loves us the same.  Go get your “10” tomorrow or have fun trying and tell GOD all about your day!  He looks forward to talking to you, just I like do with my granddaughter.  God Bless!




Mid-Week Motivation: He’s With You

Over the last few days I’ve experienced so many different emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, compassion, fear, anxiety, victory, defeat and peace. Talk about going through the motions. Although I was all over the place, there was one thing that remained the same and constant in my life – God! Through every emotional rollercoaster ride He’s been right there. Sometimes we may not see or feel Him, but HE is there.

This week remember that God is with you! He is present and active in your life. Again, He is with you! When we are mindful of His presence we start to look for him and our confidence grows. Our peace, our joy and our strength is renewed. Look for God today, I’m sure you will find him.😊God bless you! (Psalm 139:7)

Mid-Week Motivation: 2nd Chances

Yesterday is in the history books.  Did you get everything you wanted completed?  Is there something you want to change from yesterday?  Is there someone you forgot to call to check on or to say “I love you”?  Good news for you, today you get another chance.  Second chances are so undervalued and underappreciated.  Second chances afford you with experience as you approach new opportunities.  Do you get what I’m saying?  You can try something again, but now you have more insight and knowledge about a situation or thing based on what you did the 1st time around.  Don’t ever take a “2nd chance” for granted. For some you, that 2nd chance is an opportunity for a better relationship with a family member, an opportunity to apologize, a new job, a new lease on life, a pursuit of a dream or a goal.

Due to my imperfections, I’ve learned to appreciate 2nd chances (sometimes 3rd and 4th chances as well 😊).  I don’t always get it right.  I’m constantly relying on God’s mercy and forgiveness.  I’m valuable in the eyes and heart of God, regardless of how many times it takes for me to “get it right”.  He gives us limitless chances to be bless and to bless others.  Don’t let yesterday’s failures or mistakes keep you from appreciating today’s new opportunities – your 2nd chance.  We all do better when we know better!!!  (Lamentations 3:21-23)

Mid-Week Motivation: All We Do Is WIN

This week my favorite football team lost against their opponents.  I was disappointed, but I’m sure the other team and their fans were ecstatic!  It’s something how a disappointment for one can bring such gratification to another.  But, we know there are always winners and losers in games.  I’m just glad that life is different.  REAL LIFE, not the actual game called LIFE.  We may have seasons, days or even moments throughout our lives where we feel like we have lost it all, but we always win with God on our side.  When we are on the same team as God, we are always victorious.  Actually, the game is rigged.  We always have the advantage, even when you don’t see it.  We are always favored.  Our only opponent is Satan and he was defeated along time ago.  Our perceived disappointments are strength builders for us and God’s strategy to show His power to others on the sidelines trying to figure out what team to join.  Others need to see what a winning team really looks like.

Everyday you are being strengthen and every day you win!  Don’t ever lose sight of whose team you are on.  God is the coach, Jesus is your team mate and the Holy Spirit is the power that enables you to play your position – to execute the “play or move” in order to win the game.  Be encourage today and remember you ALWAYS WIN with God! (Deuteronomy 20:4)


Mid-Week Motivation: All Things Are Possible

This week the message is simple.  “With God ALL things are possible.” This is one scripture that is often quoted but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, God blesses, strengthens and enables us to receive and see the impossible.  But, that’s not the intent of this scripture.  God desires us to live for him.  To do His will, follow His way and live according to His Word. No one can do this on their own.

In Matthew 19:16-22, Jesus is talking to the rich young ruler and then to his Disciples about eternal life. (Read scripture – try the Message Bible version) and how difficult it is for those who are rich (who have everything – money, possessions, good job, etc.) to give up and give in to Jesus.

It’s hard to let go and let God have full control of all aspects of your life when you think you really have control or have it “going on”.  Your ability to really, really trust God is challenged.  We say we trust him, but do we act like we trust him?  In other words, when He calls you to give up that job or that relationship in order to pursue him – will you do it?  What’s most important?  Just wanted to remind you that only God can do the impossible.  The impossible includes giving you the power to fully live for Christ when you got it all together and when you don’t have it all together!  God does the impossible.  So, let Him do it.


Mid-Week Motivation: Holding On To The Beam

This week we had a major scare.  My husband fell through the garage ceiling (attic).  It was only God’s grace that he didn’t break any bones.  He has some swelling, bruises and scratches, but he’s doing OK.  He was able to get up from the fall and make it to the doctors.  He says his ability to hold on to the beam in the ceiling allowed him to brace himself for the fall.  This minimized his injuries and allowed him to get back up.  Think about that for minute 🤔.  “Holding on to the beam” is what minimize his injuries and allowed him to get back up. This reminded me of God.

A beam is a sturdy piece of timber or metal or a ray of light.  When we are slipping, falling or walking in darkness and holding on to God, we can also brace ourselves and get back up.  God’s hands are sturdy enough to hold us!  Regardless of how we fall or how far we fall.  It’s when we let go of God that we experience greater pain and suffering.  It’s the “holding on” to God that makes the difference.  My husband’s natural response in the situation was to grab a hold of that beam.  Our natural response when we are slipping or falling in life should be to grab hold on to Jesus!  He’s our beam!  Our sturdy support!  Our ray of light!  Regardless of whether you are sitting high on the hill (the best times of your life) or if you are on sinking ground (the low points in your life), grab a hold of your beam!  Even if you have to deal with some swelling, bruises or scratches as result of the injuries you may sustain due to the slipping or falling, you will be fine.  You will get up!  You will feel different and feel better because of what you learned from the experience.  Remember Jesus is the best healer ever!  He gives complete restoration.  Hold tight to God.  Blessings! (Joshua 23:8 MSG)