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Mid-Week Motivation: Respect the Light

A few weeks ago, driving from work (on my home) I got a red-light ticket.  Yes, I’m guilty.  It wasn’t intentional.  I honestly thought I could make it through light before it turned red.  I wasn’t necessarily speeding but I was moving at a… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Respect the Light”

Mid-Week Motivation: A New Season

Fall vibes are in the air!!! Yes, we are transitioning from Summer to Fall.  The long sunny days, beautiful flowers and the pretty green trees will soon come to an end.  We will be greeted with brown leaves, cooler days and nights.  Some will… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: A New Season”

Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Seeker

We have all played “Hide and Seek” as a kids. It was a fun game when you were the one hiding but not so fun if you were the seeker.  No one ever wanted to get caught and be told “you’re it”.  I don’t… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Seeker”

Mid-Week Motivation: Keep Love Alive

Accepting God’s love and grace for me has always been difficult for me.  I think it’s because I never believed I was good enough or worthy of that kind of love.  This mind set deprived me of the deepest level of intimacy with God… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Keep Love Alive”

Mid-Week Motivation: Joy a “Must Do”

Happy Wednesday!  How many of you keep a “to-do” list? If you do, does that list include anything that brings you pure joy?  If not, I challenge you to include something everyday that brings you joy.  One of the things that Satan tries to… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Joy a “Must Do””

Weekly Motivation – Breathe

Breathe!  No, really take a deep breath.  Really breathe in and exhale.  Every breath we take should be a reminder of God’s gift of life given unto us.  Unfortunately, just like so many other God given gifts we received every day, minute or second,… Continue Reading “Weekly Motivation – Breathe”

Weekly Motivation “Pack Light”

A few years ago, Eryka Badu wrote a song call “Bag Lady” and shortly after that song was released I remember hearing Bishop Vashti Mckenzie preached a sermon call “Bag Lady”.  The focus of the song and the sermon was about all of the… Continue Reading “Weekly Motivation “Pack Light””

I Just Wanted Be Happy. . .

How many times do we tell ourselves – “I just want to be happy”? It’s amazing how quickly we go from happy to sad and then debate whether we were ever happy in the first place. Our emotions are real but they are just… Continue Reading “I Just Wanted Be Happy. . .”