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Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Contender

I’m a huge sports fan. I like just about every sport and one of my favorites is boxing. Yes, boxing! I’m not a fan of seeing people brutally beaten or injured but I like to see the will and spirit of people contending for… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Contender”

Mid-Week Motivation: Take Time To Recover

Recovery from any type of sickness, surgery, or painful event (physical or emotional) takes time. Especially, if you have cuts, scars or wounds. Oddly enough, you can look really good on the outside but still be suffering, hurting or healing inside. My doctor shared… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Take Time To Recover”

Mid-Week Motivation: Are You Wanted

We had an awesome message on Sunday from an awesome speaker entitled “What in Hell do you want?”. I’m 100% sure that everyone present came to the same conclusion that there was nothing we wanted in Hell and that Heaven definitely has what we… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Are You Wanted”

Mid-Week Motivation: Pleasant Perfume

I don’t wear much perfume, but when I come across a fragrance I like I can’t help but buy it.  When I spray that mist from the bottle, the pleasant and pleasing smell makes me feel good and even gives me confidence.  Again, I… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Pleasant Perfume”

Mid-Week Motivation: Go Get Your “10”

My granddaughter is in Pre-K 4 and each day she is given a number that represents her behavior.  The numbers range from 1 – 10 with “10” being the BEST score.  The “10” represents a great day.  A great day is based on her… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Go Get Your “10””

Mid-Week Motivation: He’s With You

Over the last few days I’ve experienced so many different emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, compassion, fear, anxiety, victory, defeat and peace. Talk about going through the motions. Although I was all over the place, there was one thing that remained the same and constant… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: He’s With You”

Mid-Week Motivation: 2nd Chances

Yesterday is in the history books.  Did you get everything you wanted completed?  Is there something you want to change from yesterday?  Is there someone you forgot to call to check on or to say “I love you”?  Good news for you, today you… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: 2nd Chances”

Mid-Week Motivation: All We Do Is WIN

This week my favorite football team lost against their opponents.  I was disappointed, but I’m sure the other team and their fans were ecstatic!  It’s something how a disappointment for one can bring such gratification to another.  But, we know there are always winners… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: All We Do Is WIN”

Mid-Week Motivation: All Things Are Possible

This week the message is simple.  “With God ALL things are possible.” This is one scripture that is often quoted but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, God blesses, strengthens and enables us to receive and see the impossible.  But, that’s not the intent of this scripture.… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: All Things Are Possible”

Mid-Week Motivation: Holding On To The Beam

This week we had a major scare.  My husband fell through the garage ceiling (attic).  It was only God’s grace that he didn’t break any bones.  He has some swelling, bruises and scratches, but he’s doing OK.  He was able to get up from… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Holding On To The Beam”