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Mid-Week Motivation: I’m Hopeful

Well, it’s been a tough few days. For me personally, filled with various emotions. I’ve been sad, angry, confused, distracted but at the same time HOPEful. That’s weird right? The death of loved ones, the pandemic and protests combined with political and social media… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: I’m Hopeful”

Mid-Week Motivation: Fight the Good Fight

We all agree that 2020 has bought many trials and challenges. For me personally, it seems like a never ending boxing match and the breaks between rounds just hasn’t been enough to prepare for the next round. However, in “my corner” I still hear… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Fight the Good Fight”

Mid-Week Motivation: There’s No Place Like Home

How many times have you heard the saying “There’s no place like home”?  As we heed the direction given by local and National officials to stay home during this pandemic, that statement takes on a whole new meaning.  Right now, there is really no… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: There’s No Place Like Home”

Mid-Week Motivation: Social Distancing Challenge

Since we are all practicing “Social Distancing” I thought I would challenge us this week to take it to the next level. Yep, the next level. COVID-19 is making us take our health serious. We are washing our hands more, building up our immune… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Social Distancing Challenge”

Mid-Week Motivation: Spring Forward

This weekend we “spring forward”. We turn our clocks forward an hour. Some say we lose an hour but I like to think we begin our day earlier, so we can have more time to enjoy the daylight and sunshine. The “spring forward” phrase… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Spring Forward”

Mid-Week Motivation: Your Style Profile

Last week, I participated in a work related leadership retreat.  During the leadership retreat everyone completed a “Style Profile” assessment.  The assessment is a tool to help you optimize your business and personal relationships.  It’s designed to give you a view of how you… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Your Style Profile”

Mid-Week Motivation: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved

Love is in the air! This week we will celebrate Valentine’s Day! Whether you do or do not get flowers, a box of chocolates or some other nice surprise please remember you are loved. A part of knowing and receiving love starts with accepting… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: How Sweet It Is To Be Loved”

Mid-Week Motivation: Focus

I’m schedule to have my annual eye exam in a few weeks.  I praying that my eyesight hasn’t gotten worst.  I really don’t want to buy any new lens/glasses.  I’m nearsighted and last year I was told I should get bifocals. Bifocals are lenses… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: Focus”

Mid-Week Motivation: You

Did you know that you are special? Do you know that you were fearfully and wonderfully made? You, yes you, were uniquely designed and created with a purpose. You are needed on that job, in that family, in that community. Somebody is counting on… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: You”

Mid-Week Motivation: A New Beginning

Happy New Year! It’s 2020. The beginning of a new decade. Many of us have already identified new year resolutions and goals. One that is often at the top of the list is to get healthy/fit or to lose weight. For some it’s to… Continue Reading “Mid-Week Motivation: A New Beginning”