Mid-Week Motivation: Social Distancing Challenge

Since we are all practicing “Social Distancing” I thought I would challenge us this week to take it to the next level. Yep, the next level. COVID-19 is making us take our health serious. We are washing our hands more, building up our immune systems, being mindful of who we come in close contact with and the list goes on and on. Keep doing those things.

Now, this is where the challenge comes in. In addition to washing your hands, use the word of God to wash your mind and heart! Mediate on God’s word to help build up your spiritual immune system so that you can fight off the effects and “infections” due to sin. Finally, draw nearer to God by spending more time in prayer.

As you distance yourself from others draw closer to God. Access to God was made safe and secure by way of Jesus. No need for social distancing from God. He desires to be as close to you as he possibly can. No hand sanitizer, no gloves or face mask required. He’s clean and virus free. God bless you and praying for everyone’s safety and health!

2 Comments on “Mid-Week Motivation: Social Distancing Challenge

  1. I love this! This is a perfect opportunity to develop new/healthier habits. A good time to slow down and reflect on the goodness of the Lord without distraction. Reflect on God’s grace, mercy, and love. Add him back as apart of your daily routine! Be thankful and show gratitude!


  2. I love this! Now is a good opportunity to develop new/healthier habits. Worship a bit more. Take some time and reflect on the goodness of the Lord. Thank him daily for this love, mercy, and grace. Slow down and reflect on all he’s done for us! Be grateful!


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