Mid-Week Motivation: Your Style Profile

Last week, I participated in a work related leadership retreat.  During the leadership retreat everyone completed a “Style Profile” assessment.  The assessment is a tool to help you optimize your business and personal relationships.  It’s designed to give you a view of how you interact in everyday situations.  I wasn’t surprised at all regarding my primary and secondary style results.  My primary style is EXPRESSIVE and my secondary style is analytic.  I believe that my family and friends would agree with the assessment as well.

As I thought about the tool and it’s purpose which was to optimize your business and personal relationship, I started thinking about how my style profile could optimize my relationship with God.  How does my expressive and analytic styles help me when interacting with God?  Does my highly assertive, transparent and very imaginative self  appeal to God?  Does my systematic, logical, or sometimes reluctant to make decisions self appeal to God?  The good news is “yes”.  Everything about me and YOU appeal to God.  Regardless of our style, God desires the most optimal (the best) relationship with you.  As a matter of fact, HE can deal with any personality style and HE can assist you in how you interact with other personalities.  Remember God created you in his image.  HE formed you while you were in your mother’s womb.  That just simple means, HE knows you/me and HE knows what HE is working with.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made!  (Psalm 139:14).  We need to embrace who God created us to be with the understanding that HE is still working on us.

If you questioning your “style profile” and how you relate to others (you may need help in optimizing some relationships), I encourage you to ask GOD to give you an assessment and to help show you how to use your style profile to interact better with HIM and others.  It can save a relationship or  help start a new one!  Hopefully, with Him! God Bless.



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