Mid-Week Motivation: A New Beginning

Happy New Year! It’s 2020. The beginning of a new decade. Many of us have already identified new year resolutions and goals. One that is often at the top of the list is to get healthy/fit or to lose weight. For some it’s to save money or strengthen family relationships. All of those things are good and we should set goals that will make us better inside and out. However, we should also use this time to embrace the “newness” or what is to come. Things we don’t have control over but stand ready to receive. What does that really mean? New opportunities, new friendships and new challenges. God has great things in store for you and they may not be what you write down as a priority or as a resolution. God’s plans are always the best plans and what he springs forth in your life is what will survive and grow.

I challenge everyone this year to allow God to be your new beginning everyday. This starts by seeking him first and then writing in the planner or journal. Allow God to rearrange and repurpose your will. Allow God to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that you can imagine in 2020!

2 Comments on “Mid-Week Motivation: A New Beginning

  1. Yes! Lord help me to adhere to your plan in 2020!!! Thank God that my thoughts are not HIS thoughts and my plans are not HIS plans!


  2. Amen!!! I’m walking into 2020 with expectation that God will bless me beyond my imagination 🙌🏽


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