Mid-Week Motivation: Take Time To Recover

Recovery from any type of sickness, surgery, or painful event (physical or emotional) takes time. Especially, if you have cuts, scars or wounds. Oddly enough, you can look really good on the outside but still be suffering, hurting or healing inside.

My doctor shared with me that muscles, nerves and immune systems need time to heal. Time to get stronger and healthy to ensure the best recovery. Do you know that the best recovery may not be a “full” recovery? Honestly, a full recovery is difficult.  When something has been altered or changed for the better, then “full” recovery is viewed a differently.  In some cases, you are better than your original state and in other cases your recovery might be the best possible outcome which may not be full recovery. In either case, you can recover but it takes time.

This is a busy season and many of us will spend a lot to time taking care of everybody else.  Today, I encourage everyone to take some time to take care of you. Take the time to allow your heart, mind and soul to heal, be strong, get healthy and to recover! (Psalm 147:3) Blessings!!!

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