Mid-Week Motivation: Are You Wanted

We had an awesome message on Sunday from an awesome speaker entitled “What in Hell do you want?”. I’m 100% sure that everyone present came to the same conclusion that there was nothing we wanted in Hell and that Heaven definitely has what we want.

Since Sunday, I’ve had Heaven on my mind. Especially, the things that I would want which is everything Heaven has to offer. A few specific things came to mind: no sickness, no worries, my mansion, the sound of Angels singing all day long and the ability to see God!

I’m glad I know what I want in Heaven, but I also thought about whether I was what Heaven wanted. Remember the question: “What in Hell do you want?” Flip it: “What in You does Heaven want?” My answers: Me and my worship unto God! You and your worship unto God. Exactly, what we were created to do!

Live the rest of the week and the rest of your life like your Heaven bound.  Your actions my lead others to the same destination one day! (Revelations 21:1-5) God bless.

5 Comments on “Mid-Week Motivation: Are You Wanted

  1. Great message…thinking about what Heaven wants in me is my daily purpose. To worship God, to Love Him with all of my heart, mind, body and spirit.
    Thank you for this reminder of what I should do each day…. making my way to Heaven!


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