Mid-Week Motivation: Pleasant Perfume

I don’t wear much perfume, but when I come across a fragrance I like I can’t help but buy it.  When I spray that mist from the bottle, the pleasant and pleasing smell makes me feel good and even gives me confidence.  Again, I not only smell good, I feel good!

For me, the perfume is a pleasant aroma and a silent way to let people know you are in the room.  God is a lot like that.  A pleasant aroma in our midst that silently speaks to us and others in a way that certainly gets attention.  When God is in our midst and His Spirit is our hearts, we look good, smell good and we display a level of confidence that is obvious to everyone we encounter. 

This week I encourage you to be that pleasant aroma and presence in room that will draw people to you!  Maybe they will say or ask, “I love that perfume. What are you wearing?” or “You are such a kind and confident person.  How do you stay so positive and upbeat?”  Be ready to share your fragrance but also be ready to share your FAITH!  (2 Corn. 2:14-16 NLT) Have a bless week!  

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