Mid-Week Motivation: Go Get Your “10”

My granddaughter is in Pre-K 4 and each day she is given a number that represents her behavior.  The numbers range from 1 – 10 with “10” being the BEST score.  The “10” represents a great day.  A great day is based on her being on task, actively listening to teachers, getting along with others and being courteous.  I’m pleased to say that most days she gets a “10” and when she does, she can’t wait to tell everybody.  She’s excited and full of joy!  Now, on those days when she doesn’t get a “10” she really doesn’t have a lot to say about school.  The funny thing is my 4-year granddaughter already knows how much of a disappointment it is to her and to others that care about her when she doesn’t get a “10”.  So much so, that she doesn’t even want to talk about her day. But, the truth of the matter is whether my granddaughter gets a 1 or 10, I love her the same and want to hear about her day.  I want to be able to encourage her to have a better day tomorrow.  I want her to understand why she didn’t get the “10”.  I want her to tell me what was going on or why she didn’t get a “10”.  I don’t want her to shut down and I never want her to feel like her day was so bad that she couldn’t talk about it.   

Quite frankly, I’m a lot like my granddaughter.  I try to get a “10” everyday, but sometimes I miss the mark.  Well, I miss it a lot more than my granddaughter does.  Like my granddaughter, I too shut down and try not to talk about my day.  But, you know what –  God wants to hear about your day!  He cares about what you do right and what you do wrong and He wants to encourage you to have a better day, a better tomorrow!  He never wants you or I to shut down.  He loves us unconditionally and whether we are a “10” or “-10”, he loves us the same.  Go get your “10” tomorrow or have fun trying and tell GOD all about your day!  He looks forward to talking to you, just I like do with my granddaughter.  God Bless!




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