Mid-Week Motivation: He’s With You

Over the last few days I’ve experienced so many different emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, compassion, fear, anxiety, victory, defeat and peace. Talk about going through the motions. Although I was all over the place, there was one thing that remained the same and constant in my life – God! Through every emotional rollercoaster ride He’s been right there. Sometimes we may not see or feel Him, but HE is there.

This week remember that God is with you! He is present and active in your life. Again, He is with you! When we are mindful of His presence we start to look for him and our confidence grows. Our peace, our joy and our strength is renewed. Look for God today, I’m sure you will find him.😊God bless you! (Psalm 139:7)

2 Comments on “Mid-Week Motivation: He’s With You

  1. That is a power packed Mid-Week Motivation! I definitely needed that inspiration to help me press toward the mark. Thank You!


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