Mid-Week Motivation: All We Do Is WIN

This week my favorite football team lost against their opponents.  I was disappointed, but I’m sure the other team and their fans were ecstatic!  It’s something how a disappointment for one can bring such gratification to another.  But, we know there are always winners and losers in games.  I’m just glad that life is different.  REAL LIFE, not the actual game called LIFE.  We may have seasons, days or even moments throughout our lives where we feel like we have lost it all, but we always win with God on our side.  When we are on the same team as God, we are always victorious.  Actually, the game is rigged.  We always have the advantage, even when you don’t see it.  We are always favored.  Our only opponent is Satan and he was defeated along time ago.  Our perceived disappointments are strength builders for us and God’s strategy to show His power to others on the sidelines trying to figure out what team to join.  Others need to see what a winning team really looks like.

Everyday you are being strengthen and every day you win!  Don’t ever lose sight of whose team you are on.  God is the coach, Jesus is your team mate and the Holy Spirit is the power that enables you to play your position – to execute the “play or move” in order to win the game.  Be encourage today and remember you ALWAYS WIN with God! (Deuteronomy 20:4)


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