Mid-Week Motivation: All Things Are Possible

This week the message is simple.  “With God ALL things are possible.” This is one scripture that is often quoted but sometimes misunderstood. Yes, God blesses, strengthens and enables us to receive and see the impossible.  But, that’s not the intent of this scripture.  God desires us to live for him.  To do His will, follow His way and live according to His Word. No one can do this on their own.

In Matthew 19:16-22, Jesus is talking to the rich young ruler and then to his Disciples about eternal life. (Read scripture – try the Message Bible version) and how difficult it is for those who are rich (who have everything – money, possessions, good job, etc.) to give up and give in to Jesus.

It’s hard to let go and let God have full control of all aspects of your life when you think you really have control or have it “going on”.  Your ability to really, really trust God is challenged.  We say we trust him, but do we act like we trust him?  In other words, when He calls you to give up that job or that relationship in order to pursue him – will you do it?  What’s most important?  Just wanted to remind you that only God can do the impossible.  The impossible includes giving you the power to fully live for Christ when you got it all together and when you don’t have it all together!  God does the impossible.  So, let Him do it.


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