Mid-Week Motivation: Holding On To The Beam

This week we had a major scare.  My husband fell through the garage ceiling (attic).  It was only God’s grace that he didn’t break any bones.  He has some swelling, bruises and scratches, but he’s doing OK.  He was able to get up from the fall and make it to the doctors.  He says his ability to hold on to the beam in the ceiling allowed him to brace himself for the fall.  This minimized his injuries and allowed him to get back up.  Think about that for minute 🤔.  “Holding on to the beam” is what minimize his injuries and allowed him to get back up. This reminded me of God.

A beam is a sturdy piece of timber or metal or a ray of light.  When we are slipping, falling or walking in darkness and holding on to God, we can also brace ourselves and get back up.  God’s hands are sturdy enough to hold us!  Regardless of how we fall or how far we fall.  It’s when we let go of God that we experience greater pain and suffering.  It’s the “holding on” to God that makes the difference.  My husband’s natural response in the situation was to grab a hold of that beam.  Our natural response when we are slipping or falling in life should be to grab hold on to Jesus!  He’s our beam!  Our sturdy support!  Our ray of light!  Regardless of whether you are sitting high on the hill (the best times of your life) or if you are on sinking ground (the low points in your life), grab a hold of your beam!  Even if you have to deal with some swelling, bruises or scratches as result of the injuries you may sustain due to the slipping or falling, you will be fine.  You will get up!  You will feel different and feel better because of what you learned from the experience.  Remember Jesus is the best healer ever!  He gives complete restoration.  Hold tight to God.  Blessings! (Joshua 23:8 MSG)

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