Mid-Week Motivation: Respect the Light

A few weeks ago, driving from work (on my home) I got a red-light ticket.  Yes, I’m guilty.  It wasn’t intentional.  I honestly thought I could make it through light before it turned red.  I wasn’t necessarily speeding but I was moving at a steady pace that lead me to believe I would make it through the light before it turned red.  Yes, I saw the traffic light when it turned yellow which means yield or caution.  But, ignored the yellow light.  When I got the ticket in the mail, I wasn’t totally surprise.  I remembered the incident and especially, the yellow light.  Long story short, I must deal with consequences and pay the ticket.

This situation reminded me lot of what happens to us as we go through life.  We are just driving and striding along our way trying to get somewhere.  I’m hoping it’s to our eternal home in glory!  Our true final destination.  Along life’s journey we unintentionally run a few red lights even when we see the signs (or the light) to yield.  Take caution or slow down.  When we ignore those signs in life there are consequences.  Sometimes the consequences are severe and sometimes they are minimal, like that ticket I received.  It could have been so much worst.  What if I was in an accident or caused an accident involving other people? A police officer could have pulled me over and presented me with a ticket with a higher fine amount.  What if I didn’t make it home?  All of this because I didn’t yield to the yellow light.

The lesson to be learned:  Respect the Light.  Today, take some time to yield to the “yellow” lights in your life and take time to yield to the light of Christ.  I’m not a person that purposefully goes out and runs red lights.  It was unintentional but, in my haste, I didn’t think it was that big of deal.  Trust that your life and everything that you do is a BIG deal to God.  I’m thankful he extended grace, mercy and protection on that day and every other day of our life.  That’s enough reason to respect the LIGHT! (John 8:12)

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