Mid-Week Motivation: A New Season

Fall vibes are in the air!!! Yes, we are transitioning from Summer to Fall.  The long sunny days, beautiful flowers and the pretty green trees will soon come to an end.  We will be greeted with brown leaves, cooler days and nights.  Some will have a hard time adjusting to a new season and some will be thrilled to welcome a new season.  For some a new season brings forth a new start, a new beginning or a time to rid themselves of stuff they are glad to leave behind.  For others its letting go of some things they really wanted to hold on to or fear of what’s to come.  Regardless of how you feel about entering a new season, just know that you never enter it alone.
The four weather seasons occur naturally and it’s a necessary process.  In life, it’s also a necessary process.  We grow and evolve through each season of our lives.  We experience highs and lows, happiness and sadness, births and deaths, togetherness and loneliness, laughter and tears.  But, it all grows us in someway.  What I’ve come to realized is when you prepare and embrace “the season” that you are in, you begin to appreciate your growth.  You get instant encouragement and strength to get through the season because you see how you are becoming a better you.  Someone needs to know that you are still growing, so it’s ok to let go and move on.  As a matter of fact you need to in order to move forward in your God given purpose.  Today, prepare and embrace the SEASON that you are in.  Recognize you are not alone because God is still in control and with you all the way.  (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

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