Mid-Week Motivation: Be a Seeker

We have all played “Hide and Seek” as a kids. It was a fun game when you were the one hiding but not so fun if you were the seeker.  No one ever wanted to get caught and be told “you’re it”.  I don’t know if it was the adrenaline we felt knowing we couldn’t be found or if it was the thrill of being chased.  In either case, hiding always seemed to be the fun part of the game.  Oddly enough, some adults still like to play hide and seek and they still like to hide.  But, as Believers the game of “hide and seek” is really different.  It’s different because there is no place to hide from God and eventually you want to get tagged “you’re it” by God.  When you are chosen by God, you realize you never want to hide from him again!  Because in his presence is the fullness of joy, freedom, strength and power.  As a matter of fact, you want to become a seeker so that you might be able to tag others and share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  When you are “tagging” others for God you are hoping that they want to stop hiding from God and that they embrace His marvelous and miraculous light.  Today, let’s commit to be Seekers.  Seekers of God, Seekers of obedience, Seekers of faith, Seekers of His promises, and Seekers of His love.  If we can keep our eyes on him, He will lead and carry us through anything – this week, this day and this very minute!  (Matthew  6:33).  Bless you!

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